Woman on a Mission

My name is Flavia Tamara Dzodan, I am a business developer, writer, ideas instigator, content creator, media facilitator and trend watcher living in Amsterdam. I started Hyperkinesis in 2007 in an effort to combine my beliefs and awareness activism with business needs.

Some facts about me:

  • I believe that social principles of inclusion, diversity, fairness, equality and respect are the foundation upon which we should build both our for and non profit organizations
  • I believe that inclusion and awareness matter in communications because, a message that is sent out without taking all parties into consideration is an ineffective one
  • I believe that people should be at the center of all our strategies: people’s wellbeing, welfare, growth and individualities.
  • I am a prolific blogger and media analyst. I mostly blog at Red Light Politics about the spaces and intersections between politics, culture and gender matters with some humor thrown in the mix.
  • I created Women in Chains as a resource index and news site to bring awareness to the subject of women and girls in situations of slavery and human trafficking.
  • My Netherlands’ specific blog can be found at Perspectives on Dutch Politics, where I mostly focus on issues of diversity and representation in Dutch organizations and institutions
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