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Our Services are tailored to our customer’s needs. We do not provide a “one size fits all” solution and we prefer to spend time with our customers discussing the approach that best suits their needs.

Hyperkinesis, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, works with a global network of professionals to provide services with a strong commitment to ethics, inclusion and diversity. We believe that these principles should not only be good intentions but the building blocks for organizations that wish to be part of communities.

We specialize in:

  • Fairness Marketing
  • Strategic Consultancy in Marketing and Business Development
  • Community Engagement Strategies
  • Brand Advocacy
  • Awareness Training for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Media Analysis
  • Brainstorming Sessions and Creative Impulse workshops
  • Fair Trade Principles in Marketing and Communications
  • Brand Development
  • Subject-specific trend reports and presentations
  • Trendwatching, consumer insights and briefings
  • Project Management and Implementation

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Creative Impulse

A way to jump start an organization, to create a vision for the future and awareness of the present, an impulse changes the momentum of an object; it’s an impelling force or strength, an urge, a pulsation, a sudden wish, a moment that pushes forward.

At Hyperkinesis we facilitate this momentum through Creative Impulse. Designed to foster new ideas, concepts, associations and points of view, our brainstorming salons, workshops and sessions can help an organization evaluate the present, take stock of available resources, design and plan future strategies and seek new and original ways to put them into action.

How can an organization benefit from a tailored Creative Impulse session or series of workshops?

  • Evaluate current organization and paradigms
  • Strategic Planning that incorporates creative thinking and an outside perspective
  • Give a voice to everyone in the organization in a respectful and inclusive environment
  • Take stock of current strategies and resources vis-à-vis desired results
  • Evaluate current strategies and areas in terms of awareness, inclusiveness and respect for diversity
  • Foster an environment of creativity and thinking outside preconceived notions and paradigms
  • Incorporate all voices in planning for the future
  • Design the strategies for the future
  • Create an action plan to implement these strategies

These sessions can be useful to evaluate and improve all areas of an organization, to create new opportunities or to bring out a vision of the future for either the entire organization or specific areas. Every individual session or series of workshops will include a detailed report of the results achieved, a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis as well as recommendations moving forward.

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Case Studies

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